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Turning 40 is a momentous occasion, and Melbourne’s vibrant Fitzroy area is an excellent backdrop for such a celebration. If you’re looking for creative and memorable 40th birthday party ideas in Melbourne, here are ten outstanding options to ensure your event is as special as the milestone itself.


Themed Costume Party in a Unique Fitzroy Venue

Make your 40th birthday in Melbourne unforgettable with a themed costume party. Fitzroy’s diverse selection of venues, from stylish bars to cozy cafes, offers the perfect setting for a themed celebration, embodying the area’s artistic and vibrant spirit.


Exclusive Dining Experience at Cinder Restaurant, Melbourne

Celebrate your 40th in Melbourne with sophistication at Cinder, a top-tier steak restaurant. Book a private dining room to enjoy an intimate and luxurious dining experience, complete with fine steaks and wines.


Retro Celebration at a Historic Fitzroy Location

For your 40th birthday party in Melbourne, host a retro-themed event in Fitzroy, renowned for its historic architecture. This idea blends the nostalgia of the past with the culinary delights of today.


Craft Beer Tour in Fitzroy, Melbourne

Discover Fitzroy’s rich craft beer scene with a beer tasting tour, perfect for a relaxed yet festive 40th birthday party in Melbourne. Explore local breweries and taprooms and sample unique brews.


Cocktail Making Class in a Trendy Fitzroy Bar

Enhance your 40th birthday in Melbourne with a cocktail making class in one of Fitzroy’s chic bars. This offers a fun and personalized way to celebrate, learning the art of mixology.


Gourmet Cooking Session with a Local Chef

For a unique 40th birthday party idea in Melbourne, book a cooking class with a renowned local chef. This interactive experience is a great way to engage with Melbourne’s culinary scene.


Luxurious Long Lunch at a Renowned Restaurant in Fitzroy

Spend your 40th birthday indulging in a long lunch at a famous Fitzroy eatery. This is a perfect way to enjoy Melbourne’s food culture and the unique atmosphere of Fitzroy.


Casual 40th Birthday Celebration at The Terminus Hotel, Fitzroy North

Head to The Terminus Hotel in Fitzroy North for a laid-back yet lively 40th birthday party in Melbourne. Its great drink selection and tantalizing menu make it a local favourite.


Birthday Brunch with Friends at Fitzroy’s Cozy Cafes

A brunch with friends in Fitzroy’s charming cafes is a wonderful way to start your 40th birthday celebrations in Melbourne. Enjoy the relaxed vibe and classic brunch dishes.


Art-Themed Party in Fitzroy’s Creative Scene

Host an art-themed party for your 40th birthday in Melbourne, taking advantage of Fitzroy’s creative atmosphere. Combine your love for food with a creative session in a local studio or gallery.


Plan Your 40th Birthday in Melbourne’s Fitzroy

Our intimate function spaces in the heart of Melbourne’s Fitzroy are ideal for 40th birthday parties. Available daily, they provide the perfect ambiance for a memorable celebration, whether it’s a personal milestone or a surprise for someone special.