Terms & Conditions

Upon purchasing The Cuts Club membership plan, the purchaser agrees to the following company policies. We reserve the right to make changes to any of our policies at any time. As a member of Cuts Club, you agree to these policies and any future revisions during your membership term. As a company, we will do our best to inform our users of any adjustments made. However, it is ultimately the purchaser's responsibility to be aware of and comprehend the following policies:

All purchases are final. Sale and refunds are not provided for previous months on the Cuts Club membership regardless of whether the member has redeemed any benefits or not. Cinder maintains the right to refuse refunds at any time. If there are extenuating circumstances, Cinder reserves the right to make a part or partial refund depending on individual exceptions.
Once the current twelve-month membership period has elapsed, membership renewal must be made within one month (30 days) past the start of the new year of their membership, or membership will be terminated.
Your purchase receipt will be emailed to you within 24 hours of signing up.
Memberships are not able to be put on hold.
Cuts Club members will receive first preference when booking events, including quarterly events.
When pre-ordering a cut of dry-aged meat, members will be allowed to specify their preference and place a hold on ONE cut of meat only. Cinder reserves the right to make changes at any time..
Once the allocation of cuts to Cuts Club members has been exhausted, no other cuts will be available. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to reserve your cut promptly.
Cuts Club Steak Knives must remain in the venue. Loss or damage to knives taken off-premise will not be replaced.
Your membership cannot be transferred or loaned to another member or member of the public.
Cuts Club Steak Knives cannot be transferred or loaned to another member.
You will continue with your allocated membership number until the termination of membership.

The Terms have the same effect as an agreement in writing and govern your use of and participation in Cuts Club. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY CEASE USE OF OR ACCESS TO ANY SERVICES. We may modify the Terms at any time. These terms were last revised in April 2022. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms. The Terms are supplemented by additional terms and conditions applicable to privacy and may be supplemented by additional terms and conditions applicable to specific areas of our website.