We are aware of an incident that happened between a few tables of guests at The Termi on Sunday, May 29th, and have been taking some time to review all evidence and get a full understanding of the facts prior to making any statement.

It goes without saying that we take accusations of racist behaviour extremely seriously. Anyone that’s visited The Termi knows it’s an inclusive space that caters for absolutely everyone. It’s the local’s local, and we live for that.

Another thing we live for is creating a safe, enjoyable environment for all patrons to enjoy. If you are abusive, violent or threatening to other guests or our staff, regardless of your age, gender or race, then you will be asked to leave our pub. We make no apologies for that, and will continue to stand by it. We are an inclusive, safe space, and yelling “Get f***ed” multiple times in the dining room during dinner will result in us immediately asking you to leave. There are pubs that cater for that sort of behaviour, The Termi is not one of them.

We will continue to review the incident and take learnings on what we could have done to handle the situation better, as well as provide support to our staff, some of whom have been traumatised by this incident.

We want to thank everyone for their understanding and support.

The Termi