Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew: Mitch

Get to know the Termi team, so next time you come in you can say hello by name and scare ‘em!

This month, it’s one of the bar managers.

Name: Mitch

Role: Bar supervisor

About Mitch: If you’ve had a beer at the Terminus more than once, you’ve probably seen Mitch’s face. In fact, we’re pretty sure he lives downstairs in the cellar.

When he’s not working here, you can usually find him trying all the new beers at other beer joints around town so he knows which delicious thing to order in for the bar next.

Mitch, you’re doing the Lord’s work, and we salute you.

Go-to knockoff? Trying all the new things on tap, because he’s usually the one who ordered the keg!


Meet the Crew: Damon

Each month, we’re going to introduce one of the Termi team so you get to know just who makes the Terminus what it is.

First up, it’s Damon.

Role: Head Chef

About Damon: Damon’s been managing the Terminus kitchen for the last couple of years, off the back of more than a decade in the hospitality industry.

You can thank Damon for all those menu favourites, from the haloumi chips to the half chicken, and has been known to create insane beer and food matches, including cutlery made out of pork crackling!

Go-to knockoff: Stone & Wood Pacific Ale – can’t go wrong.